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Order CodeTest NameSpecimen SourceCPT
WND02Wound Primary Targets with ReflexSwab, Aspiration87640, 87798x4
WND01Wound Comprehensive PanelSwab, Aspiration87640, 87651, 87798x14
WH07Candidiasis, PCRVaginal Swab87481
WH02Women's Health Primary Targets with ReflexVaginal Swab87481x4,87511
WH01Women's Health Comprehensive PanelVaginal Swab87481, 87511, 87640, 87653, 87798x11
UTI07Urinary Comprehensive Targets with CultureUrine87481x4, 87798x13, 87640, 87653, 87086
UTI06Urinary Primary Targets with CultureUrine87798x5, 87086
UTI02RUTI Pathogens with ReflexUrine87798x5
UTI01UTI PathogensUrine87481x4, 87798x13, 87640,87653
STI20HSV I,II PCRPap Vial87529 x 2
STI03CT/NG/TV ProfileVaginal Swab, Urine87491, 87591, 87661
STI02STI Primary Targets with ReflexVaginal Swab87491, 87591, 87661
STI01STI Comprehensive PanelVaginal Swab, Urine87491, 87591, 87511, 87563, 87661, 87529x2, 87798x4
PA001hrHPV w/Reflex to GenotypesPap Vial87624
ORP34Streptococcus pyogenes (Strep A)Throat Swab87651
ORP14SARS-Cov-2Swab, SalivaU0004
ORP12Respiratory Fungal Add OnNP Swab87631
ORP10Respiratory Bacteria Add OnNP Swab87632, 87486, 87541
ORP09Respiratory Syncytial VirusNP Swab87631
ORP08Parainfluenza PanelNP Swab87631
ORP07Common Cold PanelNP Swab87632
ORP06Influenza PanelNP Swab87631
ORP05Respiratory Virus Add OnNP Swab87632, 87532, 87581, 87640
ORP02Respiratory Pathogen Panel ExtendedNP Swab87633, 87486, 87541, 87581, 87532, 87640
ORP01Respiratory Pathogen PanelNP Swab87633, 87581, 87486
CH768HIV-1 RNA Quant RT PCRPlasma87536
ID238HPV GenotypesPap Vial87625
ID235Streptococcus pneumoniaeNP Swab87798
ID234Mycoplasma pneumoniaeNP Swab87581
ID233MERS-CovNP Swab87798
ID232Human MetapneumovirusNP Swab87798
ID231Human Herpesvirus (HHV6)NP Swab87532
ID230Bocavirus (HBoV)NP Swab87798
ID229Epstein Barr virus (HHV4)NP Swab87799
ID228Epidemic Parotitis (Mumps)NP Swab87798
ID227EnterovirusNP Swab87798
ID226Cytomegalovirus (HHV5)NP Swab87798
ID225Pneumocystis jiroveciiNP Swab87798
ID224Varicella Zoster Virus (HHV3)NP Swab87799
ID223ParechovirusNP Swab87798
ID222Morbillivirus MeaslesNP Swab87798
ID221Moraxella catarrhalisNP Swab87798
ID220Legionella pneumonophilaNP Swab87541
ID219Haemophilus influenzaeNP Swab87798
ID218Chlamydia pneumoniaeNP Swab87486
ID217Bordetella PertussisNP Swab87798
ID216Bordetella sppNP Swab87798
ID215Resp Syncytial Virus BNP Swab87634
ID214Resp Syncytial Virus ANP Swab87634
ID213Parainfluenza 4(hPIV-4)NPNP Swab87798
ID212Parainfluenza 3(hPIV-3)MNP Swab87798
ID211Parainfluenza 2(hPIV-2)LNP Swab87798
ID210Parainfluenza 1(hPIV-1)NP Swab87798
ID209Humana RhinovirusNP Swab87798
ID208Coronavirus 229ENP Swab87798
ID207Coronavirus OC43NP Swab87798
ID206Coronavirus NL63NP Swab87798
ID205Coronavirus HKU1NP Swab87798
ID204AdenovirusNP Swab87798
ID203Influenza BNP Swab87503
ID202Influenza A H3NP Swab87503
ID201Influenza A H1 (H1N1)NP Swab87502
ID200Influenza ANP Swab87503
ID197TrichosporonNail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID196T. zoophilic spp.Nail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID195T. anthtropophilic spp.Nail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID194Scytalidium dimidiatumNail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID193S. strictumNail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID191Malassezia spp.Nail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID190M. guilliermondiiNail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID189M. canisNail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID188Fusarium spp.Nail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID187EpidermophytonNail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID186CurvulariaNail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID185Cryptococcus spp.Nail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID184Candida tropicalisVaginal swab, Urethral swab, Nail Clipping, ESwab87481
ID183Candida parapsilosisVaginal swab, Urethral swab, Nail Clipping, ESwab87481
ID182Candida kruseiNail Clipping, ESwab87481
ID181Candida glabrataVaginal swab, Urethral swab, Nail Clipping, ESwab87481
ID180Candida albicansVaginal swab, Urethral swab, Nail Clipping, ESwab87481
ID179Aspergillus spp.Nail Clipping, ESwab0109U
ID178Alternaria spp.Nail Clipping, ESwab87798
ID163Streptococcus pyogenesSwab, Aspiration87651
ID162Staphylococcus aureusVaginal Swab, Swab, Aspiration, Urine87640
ID161Proteus vulgarisSwab, Aspiration87798
ID160Proteus mirabilisSwab, Aspiration, Urine87798
ID159Pseudomonas aeruginosaESwab, Aspiration, Urine, Nail Clipping87798
ID158Morganella morganiiSwab, Aspiration, Urine87798
ID157Klebsiella pneumoniaeSwab, Aspiration, Urine87798
ID156Klebsiella oxytocaSwab, Aspiration, Urine87798
ID155Enterococcus faeciumSwab, Aspiration87798
ID154Enterococcus faecalisUrine, Vaginal Swab, ESwab, Aspiration87798
ID153Escherichia coliUrine, Vaginal Swab, ESwab, Aspiration87798
ID152Enterobacter cloacaeUrine, Swab, Aspiration87798
ID151Enterobacter aerogenesSwab, Aspiration87798
ID150Citrobacter freundii & braakiiSwab, Aspiration87798
ID149Bacteroides spp.Swab, Aspiration87798
ID148Acinetobacter baumanniiSwab, Aspiration87798
ID143Megasphaera type 2Vaginal Swab87798
ID142Megasphaera type 1Vaginal Swab87798
ID141Lactobacillus jenseniiVaginal Swab87798
ID140Lactobacillus inersVaginal Swab87798
ID139Lactobacillus crispatusVaginal Swab87798
ID130Atopobium vaginaeVaginal Swab87798
ID128Trichomonas vaginalisVaginal Swab, Urine87661
ID127Treponema pallidumVaginal Swab, Urine87798
ID126Neisseria gonorrhoeaeVaginal Swab, Urine87591
ID124Mycoplasma genitaliumVaginal Swab, Urine87563
ID123Herpes simplex 2Vaginal Swab, Urine87529
ID122Herpes simplex 1Vaginal Swab, Urine87529
ID121Haemophilus ducreyiVaginal Swab, Urine87798
ID120Gardnerella vaginalisVaginal Swab, Urine87511
ID119Chlamydia trachomatisVaginal Swab, Urine87491
ID118Ureaplasma urealyticumVaginal Swab, Urine87798
ID117Streptococcus agalactiae (GBS)Vaginal Swab, Urine87653
ID116Staphylococcus saprophyticusUrine87798
ID114Serratia marcescensUrine87798
ID112Providencia suartiiUrine87798
ID110Mycoplasma hominisVaginal Swab, Urine87798
GI41Diarrheagenic E.Coli/ShigellaStool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87505
GI40GI Viral PanelStool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87505
GI39GI Bacterial PanelStool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87506
GI37Enteroaggregative E. coli (EAEC)Stool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
GI34AstrovirusStool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
GI33Yersinia enterocoliticaStool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
GI31Clostridium difficile AntigenStool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87324
GI30CampylobacterStool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
GI27Shiga-like toxin-prpducing E. coli (STEC)Stool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
GI26Rotavirus AStool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
GI25Norovirus GI/GIIStool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
GI23Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC)Stool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
GI20Adenovirus 40/41Stool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
GI19Helicobacter pyloriRaw Stool87798
GI10Shigella/Enteroinvasive E. coli (EIEC)Stool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
GI09SalmonellaStool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
GI08Clostridium difficile, Toxin A/BStool in Cary-Blair, Rectal Swab, Raw Stool, Fecal Swab87798
FNG03Fungal Primary Targets with ReflexNail Clipping, ESwab87481x4, 87798x2
FNG01Fungal Comprehensive PanelNail Clipping, ESwab0109U, 87481x5, 87798x13
CH781Epstein-Barr Virus DNA QuantWhole blood, Plasma, Serum87799
CH500Lyme Disease Borrelia Species DNA PCRDeer tick in 70% ethanol collected in a plastic leak-proof screw-capped container87801
CH497Hepatitis B Virus RT PCR Quant w/reflex to GenotypesSerum, Plasma87517
CH114Hepatitis C AbSerum, Plasma86803
ABX07KPCSee specimen source87798
ABX06VanBSee specimen source87500
ABX05VanASee specimen source87500
ABX04mecASee specimen source87798
ABX03VIMSee specimen source87798
ABX02SHVSee specimen source87798
ABX01Antibiotic ResistanceSee specimen source87550x2, 87798x4