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Xylazine: An Emerging Threat to Addiction Professionals of North Carolina

Luxor Scientific leadership on Xylazine As fentanyl use and abuse in the US continues to…

CannabisConfirm™ differentiating between Delta-9-THC, CBD, and Delta-8-THC

Cannabis is proven to be an effective treatment for pain relief, anxiety, and inflammatory conditions.…

The Poppy Seed Dilemma

Is your patient positive for Morphine from Prescription Medication, Heroin or Poppy Seeds? Ancient cultures…
vaccine vial with needle syringe

Luxor Scientific is one of the only labs in the US to offer both urine and oral fluid testing for the Emerging Tranq drug, Xylazine

Emerging Tranq drugs have become an increasing concern to communities across the US. The hard…

COVID-19 Testing in Alabama 

More Alabama schools proactive with COVID-19 testing, students receive monthly gift card

50 Fastest Growing Companies

Luxor Scientific makes the top 3 of South Carolina's 50 Fastest Growing Companies in the…
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Luxor Supporting AID-L

AID-L is an amazing nonprofit organization for pediatric speech and feeding therapy services for children…
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National Laboratory Week

We had a great time celebrating National Laboratory Week here at Luxor Scientific. Our stellar…
covid testing virals

Given the Current Testing Restraints, Luxor Scientific Reiterates Excess Capacity for COVID-19 Testing

Luxor Scientific announced that it continues to have excess capacity to serve patients in the…
close up of hands covid test

Luxor Scientific expands, prepares for fewer COVID-19 tests

Following the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s finalized COVID-19 testing requirements announced Nov. 4, another…
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Luxor Scientific, LLC expanding operations in Greenville County

Luxor Scientific, LLC (Luxor), a full-service clinical laboratory, today announced plans to expand operations in…
COVID Testing

Leading COVID-19 testing laboratory, located in Greenville, SC

South Carolina is seeing a 1,400% rise in positive cases due to the delta variant.…
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In the Upstate of South Carolina, small labs are keeping up

CVS testing is conducted by a large lab that handles tests all across the country.…

Luxor Scientific announces COVID-19 antibody testing

Luxor Scientific is offering COVID-19 antibody testing for patients referred by their health care provider…