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Luxor Scientific is offering COVID-19 antibody testing for patients referred by their health care provider at its Greenville laboratory at 1327 Miller Road, Suite F.

The blood-based testing can help determine if an individual currently has or was previously infected with the coronavirus and has developed immunity to COVID-19, which may help the state’s pandemic response.

“Identifying people with immunity to the virus is particularly important for health care workers and others working through this crisis,” said Luxor chief science officer Marion L. Snyder. “If they’ve already been infected, they will likely have immunity to the virus, allowing them to assist in the COVID-19 response with less risk while minimizing exposure to others.”

In addition, physicians have used plasma from previously infected individuals to treat severe COVID-19 patients, and antibody testing could help in identifying potential plasma donors.

“Our guidance is that insurers will cover this testing based on doctors’ orders at no cost to the patient,” said chief strategy officer Jay Flanagan.