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Luxor Scientific Unveils Cutting-Edge Testing Solutions to Combat Escalating Illicit Drug Crisis

Greenville, SC June 20, 2024 – Luxor Scientific, a leader in scientific research, announces groundbreaking advancements in combatting the rise of deadly illicit drugs. Leveraging expertise in toxicology, Luxor has developed advanced testing solutions to address the nation’s overdose crises associated with substances like bromazolam, tianeptine, xylazine, and nitazenes, providing healthcare professionals the information needed to develop more effective treatment plans.

Bromazolam, often labeled as ‘Fake Xanax,’ is misrepresented as genuine Xanax, leading to a surge in overdose incidents and widespread concern among healthcare and law enforcement. Consumed orally to alleviate anxiety and panic, bromazolam’s availability online exacerbates the risk. Similarly, tianeptine, known as ‘gas station heroin,’ administered intravenously for a euphoric effect, has prompted Louisiana to ban it due to reports of seizures and loss of consciousness. Additionally, the emergence of xylazine, a potent horse tranquilizer mixed with fentanyl, exacerbates the crisis, causing zombie-like behavior in users.

Luxor Scientific’s innovative testing solutions mark a significant advancement in combating illicit drug proliferation, providing precise detection of hazardous substances in easily collected body fluids. Our commitment to updating our test menu ensures we stay ahead in addressing evolving drug trends. Using state-of-the-art technology and extensive toxicology experience, our testing protocols empower stakeholders to respond effectively, safeguarding public health. Detection of novel illicit drugs is exclusive to experienced labs like Luxor Scientific. Our ability to detect illicit drug use in urine and oral fluid, along with rapid turnaround times, ensures life-saving results within 24 to 48 hours, critical for immediate intervention in emergency situations.

“As a leading force in scientific research and innovation, Luxor Scientific is committed to leveraging our expertise to address pressing societal challenges such as the proliferation of illicit drugs,” stated Dr. Marion Snyder, Chief Science Officer at Luxor Scientific. “Our cutting-edge testing solutions represent a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to combat the devastating impact of substance use disorder, empowering communities with the tools needed to safeguard public health and effectively treat patients.”

Luxor Scientific has the capability to detect over 100 drugs and metabolites, including novel illicits. With an unwavering mission towards scientific excellence and social responsibility, Luxor Scientific is dedicated to effecting positive change in the face of adversity. As communities grapple with the escalating threat posed by novel illicit drugs, Luxor Scientific stands ready to partner with stakeholders across sectors to confront this crisis head-on and build a safer, healthier future for all.

Healthcare providers concerned they are not identifying all the illicit substances their patients could be consuming or co-addicted can email Luxor Scientific at or call 864-568-8940.

About Luxor Scientific

Luxor Scientific was founded with the mission of providing better information faster. As a full-service privately-held CAP-accredited medical and research laboratory, Luxor offers a robust menu of clinical and anatomical testing services. Today, Luxor Scientific is one of the fastest-growing companies in the southeast, specializing in cutting-edge diagnostic testing solutions in the areas of metabolomics, genomics, toxicology and histology. Luxor’s industry-leading turnaround times and state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic solutions, allows Luxor to provide personalized service, accurate testing, and innovative functional reporting. For more information about Luxor Scientific and our full test offering, please visit


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