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Serving people across the US

Labs located in South Carolina & Texas


A simple test can say so much.

Specialty OWLiver® testing is the only non-invasive option for ALL harmful phases of MASLD, NAFLD & NASH



Distinguish between CBD, THC, Delta-8, and other synthetic cannabinoids.


Do you know if your patient has a co-addiction?

One of the only labs in the US that can test both Urine and Oral Fluid for Tranq & Emerging Drugs

Better Healthcare Outcomes Faster

Our industry leading team of scientists and operational leaders have developed proprietary technology to increase the speed and accuracy of laboratory testing. We offer an extensive menu of highly complex and unique diagnostic testing options. Our tests are updated regularly, search our test directory below.

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Research & Development

As a leading provider of specialized diagnostic solutions, our research & development team is constantly developing new tests to respond to healthcare concerns across the country. Our scientific experts are nationally recognized as leaders in the sciences, board-certified clinical scientists, pathologists, and subspecialty-qualified clinicians available for consultation, interpretation, and collaboration with clients.

Our Specialties

Anatomical Pathology
Chemistry & Toxicology
Hepatic Steatosis
Infectious Disease
Women’s Health

Who We Serve

Our team is comprised of recognized experts in providing cutting edge scientific solutions to better serve the healthcare community.

  • Hospitals & Nursing Facilities
  • Clinics & Medical Practitioners
  • Laboratories & Universities
  • Commercial & Governmental Organizations

In The News

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CannabisConfirm™ differentiating between Delta-9-THC, CBD, and Delta-8-THC

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The Poppy Seed Dilemma

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