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Luxor Test Directory

Order CodeTest NameSpecimen SourceCPT
Culture, AerobicWounds, abscess, aspirates or drainage collected in Amies liquid transport swab, Amies gel transport swab, Amies liquid elution swab ESwab™87070
UA006Urine Culture & SensitivityeSwab87088
MB011Culture StoolStool87045, 87427, 87449
MB008Ova & Parasite ExamRaw stool87177, 87209
MB004Bacterial SusceptibilityUrine
MB003Bacterial Colony CountUrine
MB002Aerobic & Anaerobic CultureeSwab87070, 87075, 87205
CH786Culture Yeast w/ IdentificationVaginal swab87102
CH848Culture Fungus BloodBlood87103
GSGram StainAny primary source87205
CULTWNDWound CultureSwab87070, 87075, 87205*
CULTURUrine CultureUrine87086
CULTTHCulture ThroatThroat swab87070
CULTSTREPCulture Strep ScreenThroat swab87070
CULTSPUTCulture SputumEarly morning expectorated sputum from deep cough87070, 87205
CULTRESPCulture RespiratoryEarly morning expectorated sputum from deep cough87070, 87205
CULTGENCulture GenitaleSwab87070
CULTGCCulture GC87081
CULTCSFCulture CSFCSF87070, 87205
CULTBSTREPCulture Group B Strep87081
CULTBLDCulture BloodBlood (BacT/ALERT)87040
CULTBFCulture Body FluidSterile body fluid, Tissue87252
CULTANACulture AnaerobicTissue and fluids are superior to a swab specimen. See Collection Instructions.87075, 87205
CLT01Culture Group A Strep87081
CH609Fecal Occult BloodStool82274
CH490Culture, Fungus Skin Hair or NailBasal potions of infected hairs, scrapings from the active, peripheral edge of lesions, and scrapings from recently invaded nail tissue.87101