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Order Code CH183
Turnaround Time 24-48 hours
Test Includes


Specimen Requirements
Specimen Source
Whole blood
Transport Container
(Specimen Container)

Lavender (EDTA)

Preferred Specimens
Whole Blood
Collection Instructions
(Transport Temperature)
Transport at Room Temperature
Specimen Stability
Temperature Period
Room temperature 5 days
Refrigerated 7 days
Frozen 30 days
Reject Criteria

Clotted specimen

Special Instructions

Specimens collected in EDTA tubes may be stored for 14 days at 2(degrees)C to 8(degrees)C prior to being tested.

Patient Preparation:
Collect specimen 1 hour prior to next dose (12 hour trough). Transport Room Temperature.

Test Details
Immunoassay (IA)_x000D_
Clinical Significance

Tacrolimus is an immunosuppressant drug which has been shown to be effective for the treatment of rejection following transplantation.

Reference Ranges

No definitive therapeutic or toxic ranges have been established. Optimal blood drug levels are influenced by type of transplant, patient response, time posttransplant, co-administration of other drugs, and drug formulation. The following trough range is a suggested guideline: 5.0-20.0 mcg/L.