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Iron Saturation

CPT/HCPCS 8,354,083,550
Order Code CH244
Turnaround Time 24 hours
Test Includes

Iron, UIBC, TIBC (calc), Iron Saturation %

Specimen Requirements
Specimen Source
Serum, Plasma
Transport Container
(Specimen Container)

SST (Tiger Top) Lithium Heparin/ Sodium Heparin

Preferred Specimens
Minimum Volume (uL)
.5 mL
Collection Instructions
(Transport Temperature)
Transport Refrigerated (cold packs)
Specimen Stability
Temperature Period
Room temperature 7 days
Refrigerated 3 weeks
Frozen > 1 year
Test Details
Clinical Significance

Iron exists in biological fluids as a component of hemoglobin and myoglobin and is bound in serum and plasma to transferrin, which acts as a carrier protein. Increased iron concentrations are seen in hemolytic anemias, hemochromatosis, and acute liver disease. Decreased iron concentrations are seen in iron deficiency and anemia of chronic disease. Major causes of iron deficiency include gastrointestinal and menstrual bleeding. For the assessment of the body’s iron status, the measurement of transferrin and ferritin can provide more accurate information.

Reference Ranges

20.0 – 50.0 %

16.0 – 45.0 %