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Fibrinogen Activity

Order Code CA002
Turnaround Time 24 hours
Specimen Requirements
Specimen Source
Transport Container
(Specimen Container)

Light Blue (Na-Citrate)

Preferred Specimens
Minimum Volume (uL)
90% fill required
Collection Instructions
(Transport Temperature)
Transport at Room Temperature
Specimen Stability
Temperature Period
Room temperature 72 hours
Frozen Unacceptable
Reject Criteria

Gross Hemolysis
Clotted Specimen

Special Instructions

Correct ratio of blood to citrate is critical. Do not overfill or underfill collection tube. Mix by inversion 4 times. Do not pool plasma from multiple tubes. For non-heparinized patients, maintain specimen at room temperature. Do not uncap. Non-heparinized patients are stable up to 72 hours at room temperature. Heparinized patients stable for 24 hours at room temperature.

Test Details
Photometry/Optical, Clauss
Clinical Significance

Diagnosis of homozygous and heterozygous fibrinogen deficiency as well as dysfibrinogenemia; diagnosis of disseminated intravascular coagulation, fibrinogen levels can be used to assess the effectiveness of thrombolytic therapy.

Reference Ranges

175 – 425mg/dl