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ANA Screen w/Reflex to Panel II

Order Code CH485
Turnaround Time 48-72 hrs
Test Includes

IIf ANA Screen, IFA is positive, then ANA Titer and Pattern will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 86039). if ANA Screen, IA is positive then antibodies will be performed at an additional charge: dsDNA (CPT code(s): 86225), RNP (CPT code(s): 86235), Sm (CPT code(s): 86235), Chromatin (CPT code(s): 86235), Scl-70 (CPT code(s): 86235), Jo-1 (CPT code(s): 86235), Ribosomal P (CPT code(s): 83516) and Centromere B (CPT code(s): 86235).

Specimen Requirements
Specimen Source
Transport Container
(Specimen Container)

SST (Tiger Top)

Preferred Specimens
Collection Instructions
(Transport Temperature)
Room temperature
Specimen Stability
Temperature Period
Room temperature 4 days
Refrigerated 7 days
Frozen 30 days
Test Details
Immunofluorescence, Immunoassay
Clinical Significance

ANA screen through a combination of IA & IFA methods

Reference Ranges

See Laboratory Report