Pharmacogenetics Services

Pharmacogenetics Services

Luxor’s Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGX) – Guiding Medication Therapy 

Our PGX testing helps reduce trial and error in the medication-assisted treatment of a wide variety of conditions. Altered metabolic activity of one or more major CYP enzymatic pathways is highly prevalent and contributes to variable patient medication responses.  Improve the efficacy of patient treatment plans using Luxor’s Pharmacogenetic testing results and reduce risks and costs associated with ineffective and/or potentially harmful medications.

Luxor PGX Testing can be ordered by medical specialty, by medication/medication class, and by individual gene-drug pairs.

Benefits of Luxor’s Pharmacogenetics Testing

Our pharmacogenetics testing delivers the following benefits:

  • Allow clinicians to better predict the most effective medications based on individual patient metabolism
  • Decrease multiple medication trials
  • Achieve therapeutic goals faster
  • Minimize risk of adverse drug reactions

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