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We keep an active list of vendors and practice strategic sourcing.

Before contacting us, learn about what we look for in vendor partnerships:

  1. Client Focused – we strive to deliver better results faster to our clients. This requires us to work with vendors that have highly reliable processes and deliver the agreed upon services.
  2. Maximum Technical Capability – we want to utilize industry-leading technology to serve our clients effectively and efficiently.
  3. One Team – if you work with us you are part of our team and we share the responsibility of serving our clients to the highest level.
  4. Integrity – vendors adhere to legal and ethical standards and ensure the protection of private and personal information.
  5. Respect – We treat everyone with dignity, respect and compassion. We expect all vendors to do the same.
  6. Environmental Stewardship – all vendors must comply with environmental laws, regulations, and minimize negative environmental impacts.

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