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Our industry leading team of scientists and operational leadership has developed proprietary technology that increases the speed and accuracy of laboratory testing. We provide toxicology and pharmacogenetics testing services to hospitals, clinics and medical practitioners, laboratories and universities and commercial and governmental organizations.

Client benefits include:

  • Achieve therapeutic goals faster
  • Minimize medication trial and error
  • Maintain patient compliance and accountability
  • Reduce risk of adverse drug events

Complementing our technical capability:

  • Our account executives are empowered to ensure that your needs are met
  • We enable you to easily receive and interpret results
  • Your practitioners can utilize the expertise and support of our industry leading scientists
  • Our continuous quality assurance checkpoints and measured performance make us a reliable and dependable partner
  • We support your growth and reduce risk by assisting with testing protocol development and implementation, and determining when to use onsite testing options
  • We practice responsible billing and pricing so physicians and clinics can serve their patients effectively and minimize huge healthcare bills not covered through insurance
  • Doing business with us is quick, easy and efficient

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