Luxor Scientific helps “Stop the Violence”

Luxor Scientific helps “Stop the Violence”

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The Luxor Scientific team sponsored and participated in the 5th Annual “Sky’s the Limit” Walk against Drugs and Violence in Greensboro, NC on Saturday, July 15.  The event was held to raise awareness about the effects of drug abuse on the community and how it relates to violent crime, subjects near and dear to the hearts of organizers LaTameria Davis and Deborah White and to the mission of their organization, Reginald Center of Turnaround, Restoration for Life (RCOTA-RFL).

The event was attended by hundreds of inner city citizens to help break the cycle of drug abuse and violence while raising the awareness of Opioid and Substance abuse.  Most importantly, it focused on bringing the community together.  Educating citizens on available agencies and addiction recovery centers to obtain help was another top focus.

The Luxor Team setup an information booth that displayed collection devices for urine, oral fluid, and genetics testing.  The booth also provided pamphlets on drug testing, pharmocogenetic testing, lab services, and comparisons between presumptive vs definitive testing.

Luxor provided attendees complimentary cold bottled water and healthy snacks on a very hot Greensboro day.  The team also enjoyed handing out Luxor stickers to the kids and kids-at-heart.

Luxor provides a critical service in helping communities break the cycle of drug abuse and violence by performing toxicology and pharmacogenetic testing for addiction/recovery clinics, pain management centers, and community physician offices.  The value of Luxor’s service, and of treatment in general, was particularly compelling to families who had lost children to violence in the very neighborhood where the event was held.

Additionally, the Luxor Team had a chance to talk with community leaders like Sharon Hightower, Greensboro City Council District 1 Member, about the challenges that inner city community’s face.  Luxor continues to do its part to educate people about community services, the use of scientific testing to help monitor and possibly prevent Opioid addiction, and how to assist family members with substance abuse.  This was a great example of Luxor’s commitment to giving back to the community by investing time and resources to help make our world a little better every day.

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